Drama Club 5-7 Years

Headington Baptist Church, 5:00-6:00pm

Spring Term 2017
Term starts: Wednesday 26 April
Play: Robin Hood Tales
Leaders Abie Walton and Tosca Herson

Term Dates
Starts: Wednesday 26 April
Final show: Wednesday 19 July
Final show venue: Headington Baptist Church
Call time: 6:00pm
Performance time: 6:30pm

Robin Hood Tales Script '5-7's

South Oxford Community Centre, 4:30pm-5:30pm

Spring Term 2017
Term starts: Tuesday 25 April
Play: Peter Pan
Leaders Crissy O Donovan and Rosie Bloom

Term Dates
Starts: Tuesday 25 April
Final show: Tuesday 18 July
Final show venue: South Oxford Community Centre
Call time: 4:30pm
Performance time: 5:00pm

Hinksey Peter Pan

St Andrew’s Church, 4:30-5:30pm

Spring Term 2017
Term starts: Thursday 27 April
Play: Alice In Wonderland
Leaders Jess Braviner and Bonnie Coughlan

Term Dates
Starts: Thursday 27 April
Final show: Thursday 20 July
Final show venue: St Andrew’s Church
Call time: 4:30pm
Performance time: 5pm


St Andrews 5-7s 'Alice'

Box office 01865 766266

The Merchant of Venice, Image: Bill Knight

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