Faerie Thorn

Creation Presents @ Blackwell’s 6th & 7th June 2017

For two nights only Creation Theatre presents Big Telly Theatre’s production of The Faerie Thorn in Blackwell’s Bookshop. We love performing in The Norrington Room so much that we couldn’t let a whole year pass without inviting an exciting show into the space. Made in Northern Ireland by Zoe Seaton (Director of last summer’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and many a classic Creation show) this will be two night wonder not to be missed as it stops in Oxford on its UK tour.


Based on the book The Faerie Thorn and Other Stories by Jane Talbot, The Faerie Thorn will recreate Talbot’s dark, imaginative and bewitching tales, propelling the audience into a world of devilish debts, trysts and trades, broken bargains and unjust trials; of magic, quick-wittedness, hoodwinking and revenge. The stories inhabit an incredibly vivid and dangerous world controlled by a complex fairy mafia including factions like the memory takers, the time keepers, the bad talkers and trolls, which humans tackle at their peril.

Over the past thirty years, Big Telly have carved a reputation as bold, risk-taking theatre makers, and The Faerie Thorn production will be a vibrant, contemporary, physical theatre, incorporating masks, movement and illusion. The Faerie Thorn will be witty, dark and wickedly comedic dealing with inexorable human tensions in a way that is shocking and yet terrifyingly familiar.

Age guidance 14+

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